Image of the Supreme court of Norway
Høyesteretts besøk på Tusenårsstedet Gulatinget i september 2014

Annual report 2014

2014 was a busy year for the Supreme Court, with many important cases. Appeals against judgments in civil cases received was 496 - in criminal cases 400 received. Appeals against orders and decisions in civil cases received was 619 - in criminal cases 761. Heard in chambers was 56 civil cases - 47 criminal cases.
In grand chamber, one case was heard.

Annual report 2014

The Supreme Court's decisions from chamber, Grand Chamber and plenary session, are found in English summaries, dating back to 2000, under the menu choice Summary of recent Supreme Court decisions at the top of this page.

The decisions in Norwegian are to be found under the menu choice Latest decisions. Here you will find decisions with grounds from the Appeals Selection Committee, as well.

From January 2008 the decisions are published in full in Norwegian. Decisions with grounds from the Appeals Selection Committee are published from December 2010

The main role of the Supreme Court
is to ensure uniformity, clarity and development of the law.

The Supreme Court has general jurisdiction and hears all types of cases, civil as well as criminal, and cases pertaining to administrative law and constitutional law.

The Norwegian Supreme Court wishes to promote openness and transparency in its activities.