Høyesterett i storkammer om tomtefesteavgift 9.-10.3.15

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The Supreme Court 200 years

In 2015 the Supreme Court marks its 200-years anniversary.

On 30 June 2015 it was 200 years since the Supreme Court held its first hearing and passed its first judgment. The 200-years anniversary was marked on Tuesday 30 June 2015 in the Supreme Court's large court room. The King, President of the Parliament and Prime Minister in addition to invited guests, amongst others from the Nordic countries, attended the meeting. 

Later on the same day the Government gave a reception for the Supreme Court and guests at Akershus Castle. The day after – 1 July – the Supreme Court invited to an Open House with tours and short lectures about the activities of the Court, important events and development through the Supreme Court's history. 

The Supreme Court in the jubilee year    

On this occasion Norges Bank on 7 May introduced a new circulative coin with its motive tied to the Supreme Court. The bank's governor Øystein Olsen presented the coin at the Supreme Court to Chief Justice Tore Schei, who received it on behalf of the Supreme Court. Among the invited was the artist himself, members of the Preg Committee and representatives from Norges Bank, as well as Supreme Court Justices and other employees of the Court. 

A new edition of the Supreme Court's history which covers the time period from 1965 until the present, was published by the Norwegian Court Administration and presented in the Supreme Court on 1 June. The edition is written by Professor Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde from the University of Bergen.  

On 22 June at an arrangement at the Supreme Court an anniversary book was presented where the main weight of the articles are on the role which the Supreme Court has played on the evolution of  law on different law areas. Also presented in the book are articles about among others things "Supreme Court Justices" by Anine Kierulf and Rune Slagstad, "Lawyers and the Supreme Court" by Berit Reiss-Andersen, "The Gravity of Dissenting Votes" by Ola Mestad, and other more general articles about the present activities of the Supreme Court.   

The University of Bergen arranges a seminar in connection with the anniversary. The first one was on Monday 13 April with the theme: "200 years with contribution to the resolution of matters on which the law is unclear and the evolution of law". The second seminar – about the Supreme Court's history – will be held 21 and 22  September. 

The Postal Office will on 3 October issue a new stamp on the occasion of the anniversary.  

Annual report 2014

2014 was a busy year for the Supreme Court, with many important cases. Appeals against judgments in civil cases received was 496 - in criminal cases 400 received. Appeals against orders and decisions in civil cases received was 619 - in criminal cases 761. Heard in chambers was 56 civil cases - 47 criminal cases.
In grand chamber, one case was heard.

Annual report 2014

The Supreme Court's decisions from chamber, Grand Chamber and plenary session, are found in English summaries, dating back to 2000, under the menu choice Summary of recent Supreme Court decisions at the top of this page.

The decisions in Norwegian are to be found under the menu choice Latest decisions. Here you will find decisions with grounds from the Appeals Selection Committee, as well.

From January 2008 the decisions are published in full in Norwegian. Decisions with grounds from the Appeals Selection Committee are published from December 2010

The main role of the Supreme Court
is to ensure uniformity, clarity and development of the law.

The Supreme Court has general jurisdiction and hears all types of cases, civil as well as criminal, and cases pertaining to administrative law and constitutional law.

The Norwegian Supreme Court wishes to promote openness and transparency in its activities.