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Information about the verdict for the press

On Friday the 24th of August, the verdict will be read by presiding judge Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen and judge Arne Lyng. The court will be set at 10.00 in Oslo courthouse, court room 250. The conclusion will be read initially. Read more.

Seating in main courtroom 250 for the press 24 August

Here is the assigned seats for the press 24 August. Read more.

Seating in press center 227

Oslo District Court has arranged the seating in press centre 227 for the reading of the verdict 24 August. Read more.

Film and Photo regulations 24 August

Only accredited persons are admitted to the courtroom – in addition to photographers with special admission this day. Read more.

The procedure for the reading of the verdict

Judge Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen will read the conclusion first. Normally all present in the court room will stand when the decision is read. Read more.

Access Control - Oslo Courthouse

Access will be strictly controlled at the Oslo Courthouse 24 August. Please make sure that you arrive in good time if you wish to be admitted to the Courthouse. Read more.

Facts about the trial and the court system

For facts about the procedures of the 22/7-trial, The Norwegian Court System and other information for the press: See Facts in English.

Media judges for comments and interviews

For general questions about the court system, contact a media judge. See link to media judges on

Oversikt over lenker til dokumenter i saken, blant annet brev og beslutninger som angår media, bistandsadvokater og sakkyndige. Les mer her.



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