Film and Photo regulations 24 August

Main courtroom 250

Before the court is in session:

Only accredited persons are admitted to the courtroom – in addition to photographers with special admission this day. They must wear the photoadmission-card visible.

Here is the list of the medias that are given an extra photo admission card (PDF).

Accredited persons may film / take pictures inside the courtroom until the court is set.

Any trade-ins between journalist and photographer in the courtroom should take place in connection with breaks during the reading of the verdict, and not in connection with the start of the court hearing at 10.00.

After 10.00 when the court is in session:

When the presiding judge has started to read the verdict, only the pool-photographers from Scanpix and NRK are allowed to film and take pictures.

Other accredited persons are not allowed to film or take pictures. Breach of these regulations will lead to sanctions.

All other court rooms and press centers:

It is not allowed to film/take pictures of the TV screens after the court is set.  Violations of this rule will be sanctioned. 


NRK offers a pool-arrangement for TV-transmissions. Scanpix offers a pool arrangement for still pics and video. More information here. 


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