Cooperation Committee meeting in Bulgaria

The Norwegian Court Administration (NCA) had meetings with their counterpart from Bulgaria and with other Bulgarian justice sector institutions in the framework of the Norway Grants in February, 2019. The NCA is project partner in three Bulgarian projects. At the meeting the starting date for the implementation of the projects, the assistance and experts that are needed from Norway and the way forward was discussed.

On February 27 and 28 a cooperation committee meeting took place at the premises of the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice (the cooperation committee consists of state bodies from the beneficiary and donor countries, and has as an overall goal to insure smooth implementation of the programmes financed by Norway grants). In addition to the NCA, the meeting was joined by the Norwegian Correctional Services and the Ministry of Justice and Public Security. Bulgaria was represented by Deputy Minister of Justice and other relevant representatives.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the rules of procedures of the Cooperation Committee, update the parties on the program and project implementation, revision of the overall programme milestones, plan and risk assessment and update on predefined projects.

Deputy Minister Prof Nikolay Prodanov expressed his gratitude to the members of the Cooperation Committee meeting for fruitful discussions and the progress made during the meeting. NCA expressed its willingness to provide a Norwegian expert to assess/ map the main barriers on access to justice for vulnerable groups, such as Roma population and victims of Gender Based Violence, as well as provide analysis of best practices on implementation of the Istanbul Convention.  The NCA will also have overall responsibility to oversee the implementation of the project.

In order to discuss in more detail the implementation of the three projects in which the NCA is involved, it held separate with National Institute of Justice, National Legal Aid Bureau and Supreme Judicial Council. The parties agreed on several aspects and everybody expressed their willingness to continue close cooperation between the institutions.

The parties agreed Programme implementation should start in June 2019, and next Cooperation Committee meeting should take place in September 2019, in Oslo. 

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