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Webinar – managing pandemic measures in courts

The corona pandemic has had and continues to have a big impact on our societies. The courts are no exception from this. One had to find short and long-term solutions in order to keep the wheels turning, but also to protect judges, court staff, litigants and the public from the virus. The information that we have at hand suggests that the solutions vary and there are lessons to be shared between our jurisdictions. Therefore, this webinar will bring together professionals from several national jurisdictions that will share their experience in addressing the corona crisis in courts. Going beyond the national measures, it is of interest to find out how the Strasbourg Court addresses the crisis, what is its view on the different measures that were put in place at national level and how the derogations from the charter were used. Arnfinn Baardsen, judge at the European Court of Human Rights, will talk about this aspects. 

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