Webinar- “Towards an ideal court president profile”

Under the EEA grants, the NCA organized a webinar on June 10th  2021, entitled  “Towards an ideal court president profile”.

The aim of the webinar was to cover court management profiles, as well as a more principled debate on evaluation systems-giving an overview over performance management and evaluation tools for courts and judiciary and purpose of such assessments (e.g. what are appropriate methods to evaluate and for what reason? for instance professional learning, court management and organization development, upholding judicial values, measuring performance with a view to human resources management etc.)

Professor Prof. Philip Langbroek from Utrecht University gave an interesting academic analysis on Judicial evaluation (with a focus on head of courts). In other words, why we do it, potential pitfalls and how should we do it, with his presentation entitled “Selection and Evaluation of Court Presidents. Challenging Judges, Judicial Policymakers and Politicians”.  

Participants (including judges, employees of the Ministry of Justice and underlying agencies, etc.) in Croatia and Lithuania and speakers from the latter countries then presented their respective national for performance measurement and evaluation tools for courts/presidents /judges- hereunder possible pros and cons with the systems.

Lastly, the participants broke out in groups to discuss different scenarios and answer 3 main issues, namely:

  • Who should do selection and evaluation
  • What criteria should be used
  • Who should make decisions on re-appointment and for how long

You can read the minutes from the webinar here and the agenda is found here

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