Tirsdag 14. august 09.00 (onsdag 15. august kl. 09.00 - 11.00) - Høyesteretts Annen avdeling

Sak nr. 2017/2212, sivil sak, anke over dom: Borgarting lagmannsretts dom av 3. november 2017. Om krav på forsikringsoppgjør er gått tapt – forholdet mellom forsikringsavtaleloven § 18-5 andre ledd og foreldelsesloven  § 22.

Tirsdag 14. august kl. 09.00 (onsdag 15. august kl. 09.00) - Høyesteretts Første avdeling

Sak nr. 18-44407, straffesak, anke over dom. Borgarting lagmannsretts dom av 19. januar 2018. Deltagelse i terrororganisasjon (IS, rekruttering til terrorvirksomhet og materiell  og finansiell støtte til terrorvirksomhet).

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The Supreme Court in 2017

In 2017, the Supreme Court received 2141 appeals, of which 800 were appeals against judgments.
Annual Report 2017

Full-text rulings in English

The Supreme Court now has its own legal translator, which allows us to provide a larger number of translated full-text rulings. These rulings are selected based on what we believe may be of interest outside Norway.

Under Summaries you will find a summary of all rulings.
Translated rulings

Chief Justice Toril Marie Øie

Chief Justice Toril Marie Øie of the Supreme Court of Norway was appointed in March 2016. She is the 20th Chief Justice in the 200-year history of the Supreme Court. 
Toril Marie Øie is the first woman to hold this office.
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The Supreme Court

The main function of the Supreme Court is to ensure clarity and development of the law.

The Supreme Court has general jurisdiction and hears all types of cases, civil as well as criminal, and cases pertaining to administrative law and constitutional law.

The Norwegian Supreme Court wishes to promote openness and transparency in its activities.