Supreme Court Justice Ragnhild Noer

Born 1959 in Oslo. Inaugurated as Supreme Court Justice on 01.10.2010

Law degree (cand. jur.) 1985

Research Assistant, Institute of Private Law, University of Oslo 1982-1983

Senior Executive Officer, Ministry of Justice, Legislation Department 1985-1987

Deputy Judge and Acting District Court Judge at the Lyngen District Court 1987-1989

Assistant professor, University of Troms 1989

Program Secretary, Norwegian Broadcasting Company, Troms 1990-1991

Lawyer at the Attorney General’s Office, 1991-2005. Licensed to litigate before the Supreme Court since 1994

Acting Court of Appeal Judge at the Gulating Court of Appeal January-March 1994

Secretary to the Commission on Procedure in Child Custody Cases 1997-1998

Senior Legal Adviser, Ministry of the Environment 2001-2002

Court of Appeal Judge at the Borgarting Court of Appeal 2005-2010

Supreme Court Justice from 1 October 2010