In the Supreme Court the agenda consists of the cases that are heard by the Supreme Court’s Appeals Selection Committee and in the chambers of the Supreme Court

How to use www.hø
The agenda contains a list of all cases scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court in chambers. The agenda with the composition of the court is posted every fifth week.

The decisions
The latest decisions are posted under the menu choice Decisions. Here all new decisions from chambers, the Grand Chamber and plenary are published and from 1 December 2010 also reasoned decisions from the Supreme Court’s Appeals Selection Committee. Summaries of all decisions from chambers, the Grand Chamber and plenary are available electronically back to January 2000. From January 2008, these decisions are published in extenso.

Referred cases
The list of referred cases contains all cases which the Supreme Court’s Appeals Selection Committee has referred to the Supreme Court.

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Search area
This is a free-text area search where you can enter your search word for search throughout the website.

Common portal for the courts
If you need information about the other courts in the country, the website is a useful address. This is a common portal for all the courts in the country. The portal contains information and guidance relating to everything that Norwegian courts have in common. Several courts also have their own websites with a list of cases scheduled for hearing and new decisions. At  you will find links to the courts that are on the internet.

Editor in charge of the Supreme Court’s website is Svein Tore Andersen. You will find contact information at the bottom of each website page.