Rulings 2013

Structural fish quotas with no time limitation are contrary to the prohibition against retroactive force in the Constitution

Supreme Court judgment of 23 October 2013, HR-2013-02200-P (case no. 2012/1548), civil case, appeal against judgment The sate repr. by the Mininstry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs (Counsel Ida Hjort Kraby) v. Volstad AS (Counsel Stein Owe)

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Potential liability for the state for inadequate protection

Supreme Court judgment of 25 April 2013, HR-2013-00881-A (case no. 2012/1900), civil case, appeal against judgment  The state repr. by the Ministry of Justice and Police Security (Counsel Fanny Platou Amble) v. NN (Counsel John Christian Elden)

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Validity of provisions concerning partial general application of the Engineering Industry Agreement to the maritime construction industry

Supreme Court judgment of 5 March 2013, HR-2013-00496-A, (case no. 2012/1447), civil case, appeal against judgment  STX OSV AS, STX Norway Florø AS, Kleven Verft AS, Myklebust Verft AS, Bergen Group Shipbuilding AS, Ulstein Verft AS, Havyard Ship Technology AS, Aibel AS (Counsel Ingvald Falch) v. The state repr. by the Tariff Board (Attorney General repr. by Pål Wennerås)

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