Order to put down a dog was valid (Bob)

Supreme Court judgment 6 June 2018, HR-2018-1058-A (case no. 2017/2028), civil case, appeal against judgment, A (Counsel Andreas Meidell), NOAH - for animal rights (intervener) (Counsel Stephen Knudtzon) v. The state represented by the Ministry of Justice and Police Security (Attorney-General represented by Torje Sunde)

Justices: Berglund, Noer, Bull, Sverdrup, Øie

The police had ordered the destruction of a mixed-race dog that during a short lapse of time had bit a woman and injured her arm, bit a man's leg, jumped on a baby stroller, attacked two police officers and snapped at passers-by, see the Dogs Act section 18 subsection 1. The Supreme Court found it clear that the basic conditions for destruction in section 18 had been met. The attacks were frightening and some had a serious injury potential. The Supreme Court also found that there was a genuine and significant risk that the dog could attack and hurt people again. Destruction was not a disproportionate measure. The appeal against the court of appeal's judgment dismissing the appeal against the district court's judgment for the respondent, was dismissed.

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