Student position in the Legal Secretariat

The Legal Secretariat of the Supreme Court of Norway primarily works to assist the Appeals Selection Committee, but it also assists the Chief Justice, the justices and the Secretary-General. The Legal Secretariat comprises 17 law clerk positions, including the Head and Deputy Head.

The Legal Secretariat prepares all the cases that go before the Appeals Selection Committee. The purpose of reviewing cases relating to appeals against judgments is to determine whether the case is significant enough and has sufficient potential for general application for it to be heard by the Supreme Court.  In appeal cases against interlocutory orders or decisions, the Appeals Selection Committee is the court of last resort, and the review is intended to lead to a final decision in the case. In all types of cases, procedural as well as substantive issues are reviewed.

The Legal Secretariat employs students in temporary positions and as student law clerks in part-time positions.

Student law clerk

The Legal Secretariat offers a one-year post as a student law clerk to students who are preparing their Master’s thesis. In addition to working on their Master’s thesis, the student law clerks assist the justices, the Secretary-General and the law clerks. The student law clerks have their place of work at the Supreme Court, but are part of the scientific assistant environment at the Centre for European Law at the University of Oslo.


For vacancies for the post of student law clerk, send an e-mail to

Temporary jobs for students

We employ 1-2 student temps for a period of 4-6 weeks during the summer vacation. Applicants should have completed their third year of law with good results.


Salary grade 34


The application deadline for summer jobs is 1 March. Submit your application by e-mail to




For more information, please contact Head of Legal Secretariat Øistein Aamodt, Deputy Head of Legal Secretariat Birthe Aspehaug Buset or Chirsti Erichsen Hurlen, at tel. 22 03 59 00.