The Supreme Court of Norway
has 20 justices headed by the Chief Justice. A broad composition of the court is considered important.

There must be a diversity in professional experience and careers and the justices shall be recruited from the public as w ell as the private sector. Gender and age composition must be satisfactory, but the basic condition is high professional qualifications.

The Supreme Court’s administration consists of around 45 people. They are distributed over the Legal Secretariat and an administrative staff. The Chief Justice has as the judicial head of the court also the ultimate administrative responsibility and takes part in the handling of administrative questions of principle and of major practical significance to the court. The day-to-day administration of the Supreme Court is handled by the Secretary-General who is a civil servant and the Deputy Secretary-General. The Legal Secretariat is the biggest unit of the Supreme Court’s administration and consists of 20 people, including the head and deputy head.