Legal Secretariat

The Legal Secretariat is the largest unit in the Supreme Court’s administration, and it employs 20 people, including the Head and the Deputy Head of the Legal Secretariat as well as two clerks of record and one student law clerk. 

Law clerks are appointed for a fixed term (seven years).  

The Legal Secretariat works to serve the Appeals Selection Committee and the other units of the Supreme Court. When an appeal is received by the Supreme Court, it is handed to a law clerk. In all types of cases, procedural as well as substantive issues are researched.

In case of an appeal against a judgment, the research is aimed at clarifying whether the case raises issues of principle that should be heard by the Supreme Court. If an appeal is allowed, the law clerks will assist during the case preparation and in connection with the hearing in chambers.

In case of appeal against an order or decision, the research will provide the basis for the Committee's final ruling. The law clerks also have assignments for the Chief Justice, the justices and the Secretary-General. 

All Supreme Court proceedings include a clerk of record. The clerks of record are law graduates, who assist the justices and counsel during proceedings. In addition, they proofread all Supreme Court rulings in chambers. 

Head of Legal Secretariat

Birthe Aspehaug Buset

Deputy Head of Legal Secretariat

Knut André Aastebøl

Law Clerks

Eva Grotnæss Barnholdt

Kristin Slørdahl Hjort (leave of absence)

Siv Myrvold-Torsnes

Sigrid Nysted (leave of absence)

Marte Therese Strand Sinkerud

Karin Elisabeth Næss 

Marie Falchenberg (leave of absence)

Monica Magdalena Zak (leave of absence)

Christine Løvf (leave of absence)

Kristian Klem

Karoline Findalen Myhre

Maria Bakke

Christine Skjebstad Weigård

Cecilie Vatne (leave of absence)

Pernille Birkelund (leave of absence)

Kristoffer Nerland

Lasse Gommerud Våg

Johannes Kaasen (leave of absence)

Fredrik Lied Lilleby

Runa Verde Gravensteen

Gjermund Aasbrenn

Christian Fredrik Thronsen

Helene Katrine Bærug Hansen

Victoria Steen Svendsen

Silvelin Bratholm

Julia Kråkenes Bennin

Vetle Knudsen Nordstoga

Kristoffer Rakner

Court clerks

Anders Berg Dønås (Avd. II)

Elisabeth Rui Jørgensen (Avd.I)

Student law clerk

Nora Mageli