Supreme Court Justice Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen

Born 1959 in Oslo, Supreme Court Justice since 29 September 2014

Law degree in 1986

Admitted before the Supreme Court in 1993

Senior executive officer at the Ministry of Justice, Legislation Department, 1986-1987

Deputy judge at Larvik District Court, 1987–1988

Advocate at the Attorney General’s Office, 1989-2003

Acting judge at Hålogaland Court of Appeal, 1994

Associate and partner at the law firm Kluge, 2003-2007

Member of the Norwegian Bar Association's Disciplinary Board, 2005-2007

Judge at Oslo District Court, 2007-2014

Member of the Parliament's Control Board on Intelligence, Surveillance and Security Services (EOS-utvalget), 2009   

Supreme Court Justice since 29 September 2014