Supreme Court Justice Wilhelm Matheson

Born 1955 in Oslo, Supreme Court Justice since 1 November 2009

Law degree in 1982

Scholarship for scientific research from Otto Løvenskiold’s Legacy (1983) and Henrik Steffen’s Study Scholarship (1983)

Research assistant at the Institute of Criminology and Penal Law, University of Oslo, 19791980

Visiting researcher, Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg, Germany, 198485

Member of the Ministry of Justice’s Working Committee on Standardized Compensation for Children, 1986, Norwegian Official Reports 1987:4

Deputy judge at Lier, Røyken and Hurum District Court, 19871988

Senior executive officer/legal adviser at the Legislation Department of the Ministry of Justice, 19831988

Associate at the law firm Mellbye, Schjoldager, Sejersted & Tenden, 1989

Associate and partner at the law firm Wiersholm, 19902009

Supreme Court Justice since 1 November 2009