Fees and payment

Payment information

Court fees must be paid in several types of cases. Oslo County Court will send you an invoice.

Our billing address is Oslo County Court, 1460ERSJ, Invoice Dept. DFØ, P.O. Box 4716, N-7468 Trondheim. 

For international payments:

Nordea Bank Norge ASA, N-0107 Oslo, Norway International Bank Account Number/IBAN: NO8963450509304 Bank Identifier Code/SWIFT: NDEANOKK
Payment information: Kid and/or case number

For cases submitted starting from 1 January 2019, the basic rate for one court fee (1R) is NOK 1,150.

Fees in cases concerning compulsory sale, eviction and other enforced execution

  • Petition for enforced execution, NOK 1,265
  • Petition for execution of foreign basis for execution, NOK 1,955
  • Resolved compulsory sale of property/share in cooperative housing/access documents in joint ownership flat, NOK 8,510
  • Resolved court-ordered transfer of property, NOK 8,510
  • Resolved compulsory dissolution of joint ownership property, NOK 8,510
  • Eviction in compulsory sale pursuant to Section 11-14 of the Legal Enforcement Act, free of charge
  • Petition for eviction pursuant to Section 13-2 (3)(d) and (e) of the Legal Enforcement Act, NOK 2,415

Fees in cases regarding provisional security and interim decisions

  • Petition for provisional security (seizure and temporary injunction), NOK 2,875
  • Petition for change, repeal, extension of provisional security, free of charge
  • Interim decision pursuant to Section 92 of the Marriage Act (on the right to maintenance), free of charge
  • Interim decision pursuant to Section 92 of the Marriage Act (not on the right to maintenance), NOK 2,875
  • Interim decision pursuant to Section 91 of the Marriage Act, NOK 2,875


  • Appeal of judgement, 24 x court fee, NOK 27,600
  • Appeal of ruling, 6 x court fee, NOK 6,900

Appeal of Execution and Enforcement Commissioner's decisions

  • 1 x court fee, NOK 1,150



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