Rulings 2015

Plenary hearing on asylum and residence on humanitarian grounds for Afghan family

Supreme Court judgment of 18 December 2015, HR-2015-2524-P (case no. 2015/203), civil case, appeal against judgment  The state repr. by Immigration Appeals Board (Attorney General repr. by Fredrik Sejersted) (Assisting counsel Marius Emberland), (Counsel Marius Stub) v. A, B, C, D (Counsel Christian Hauge), Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (intervener) (Counsel Jan Fougner), Save the...

Protection of sources for unpublished documentary film material

Supreme Court order of 20 November 2015, HR-2015-02308-A, (case no. 2015/1462), criminal case, appeal against order v. A (Counsel Kim Gerdts), Norsk Redaktørforening (intervener) (Counsel Vidar Strømme) v. The public prosecution authority (Counsel Jan F. Glent)

Deprivation of parental responsibility and adoption

Supreme Court judgment 12 October 2015, HR-2015-02041-A, (case no. 2015/824), civil case, appeal against judgment Municipality of X (Counsel Hans-Jørgen Andersen) v. A (Counsel John Christian Elden)

Petition for extradition to Rwanda

Supreme Court order of 6 February 2015, HR-2015-289-A (case no. 2014/1787), criminal case, appeal against order A (Counsel John Christian Elden) v. The public prosecution authority (Den offentlige påtalemyndighet (Public prosectutor Carl Fredrik Fari)

Expulsion of a single mother of a minor who is a Norwegian citizen

Supreme Court judgment and order of 29 January 2015, HR-2015-206-A, (case no. 2014/1583), civil case, appeal against judgment A, B, SEIF (intervener) (Counsel Rasmus Asbjørnsen) v. The state repr. by The Immigration Appeals Board (Attorney General repr. by Håvard H. Holdø)