Rulings 2019

Ground lease

Supreme Court judgment 24 June 2019, HR-2019-1206-A, (case no. 179157SIV-HRET) Mallin Eiendom AS, Stiftelsen Karibu (Counsel Carina Orge Borchgrevink Næss) v. Marianne Cecilia Lundin and others (Counsel Anders Christian Stray Ryssdal). Attending in accordance with section 30-12 of the Dispute Act: The State represented by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (The Office of the Attorney...

The court of appeal's order to present evidence

Supreme Court order 27 May 2019, HR-2019-997-A, (case no. 18-186326SIV-HRET) Felleskjøpet Agri SA (Counsel Fredrik Lilleaas Ellingsen) v. Infor (Steinhausen) II GmbH (Counsel Ola Haugen) 

The Road Transport Act or the Maritime Code for combined transport

Supreme Court judgment 14 May 2019, HR-2019-912-A, (case no. 18-154904SIV-HRET), civil case, appeal against judgment dom. I. Kuehne + Nagel AS (Counsel Yngve von Ahnen) v.Axa Corporate Solutions, Nexans Norway AS, CNA Insurance Company Ltd (Counsel Trond Hatland) II. Gjensidige Forsikring ASA, Pentagon Freight Services AS (Counsel Frithjof Herlofsen) v. Kuehne + Nagel AS (Counsel Yngve von Ahne...

A search may be conducted at Tidal Music AS

Supreme Court order 28 March 2019, HR-2019-610-A, (case no. 19-010640STR-HRET), criminal case, appeal against order. Tidal Music AS (Counsel Fredrik Berg) v. The public prosecution authority (Counsel Henrik Horn)

Negligent skiing, duty of care

Supreme Court judgment 12 March 2019, HR-2019-497-A (case no. 18-176486STR-HRET), criminal case, appeal against judgment A (Counsel Svein Kjetil Stallemo) v. The public prosecution authority (Counsel Anders Mandal Funnemark), B (Counsel Tom Sørum)

Sentence for serious threats

Supreme Court judgment 4 March 2019, HR-2019-440-A, (case no. 18-168736STR-HRET), criminal case, appeal against judgment: A (Counsel Halvard Helle) v. B, C (Counsel Odd-Rune Torstrup), The Public Prosecution Authority (Counsel Asbjørn Eritsland)

Liability for injuries sustained on a RIB tour

Supreme Court judgment 15 February 2019, HR-2019-318-A (case no. 18-128574SIV-HRET), civil case, appeal against judgment. A (Counsel Tom Sørum) v. Gjensidige Forsikring ASA (Counsel Merete Anita Utgård)

Catching of snow crab on the Norwegian continental shelf

Supreme Court judgment 14 February 2019, HR-2019-282-S (case no. 18-064307STR-HRET), criminal case, appeal against judgment A and SIA North Star Ltd (Counsel Hallvard Østgård) v. The public prosecution authority (Public prosecutors Lars Fause and Tolle Stabell)

Tax deduction for group contribution

Supreme Court judgment 28 January 2019, HR-2019-140-A (case no. 18-069096-HRET), civil case, appeal against judgment. Yara International ASA (Counsel Morten Goller) v. The state represented by the Central Tax Office for Large Enterprises