EEA Norway Grants Programme Romanian Courts

The justice program in Romania includes the project "Judicial training and capacity building". The project has a budget of 4.1 million euros, and is implemented by the Superior Council of Magistracy with the Norwegian Court Administration (NCA) as a project partner. You can read about the previous program period (2009-2014) below.

During the current Norway grants cycle the Romanian Court Administration together with the NCA will implement a comprehensive project that will contribute to increased quality and efficiency in Romanian Courts. The project can be divided in three modules.

Increasing the quality in Romanian Courts, through several masures: training for judges and prosecutors on European cooperation in criminal cases, civil cases, administrative cases, and public procurement, etc. Competence building activities for judges and prosecuors that interact with children in the justice system. The trainings aim at improving the skills of Romanian professionals so to diminish the negative effects of children coming into contact with the justice system or to avoid  them. Reducing the workload for judges is also tackled through several activities aimed at increasing the efficiency of court clerks.

Increased access to justice for vulnerable groups - the project will help raise awareness of judges and other actors about the special needs of the vulnerable groups.

Increased efficiency through use of new ICT equipment.

2009-2014 programme concentrated on:

Legal certainty and increased efficiency in Romanian courts - several competence measures were organized to support the implementation of four major legislative reforms in Romania (the procedural laws, the new criminal and civil code). In order to increase the efficiency of Romanian courts, trainigns on court administration were organized (i.e. case management, "time management", etc.)

Access to justice for vulnerable groups

Several activities were organized to increase access to justice for vulnerable groups (with a focus on Roma people). Through the project, a large number of people were informed about their rights, benefited from legal advice and several judges participated at anti-discrimination seminars.

Modernization of the courts' case processing system - through the project, a survey of European best practice was made, with recommendations for further development of the Romanian case management system.

Renewal of ICT equipment - the project financed the acquisition of new computer equipment for the Romanian Courts.

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