Media judges

Photo: Domstoladministrasjonen

Are you a journalist who needs information or statements related to a court cases? A general query related to the courts?

You can contact the court or judge hearing the case you are interested in. You can also contact the Norwegian Courts Administration. Otherwise you can contact the members of the Judges’ Media Group.

This group consists of judges who have specially undertaken to make themselves available to journalists. They can help the media when statements or explanations are needed from a judge. The objective is a desire to contribute to openness and greater awareness of the courts amongst the general public. The members of the group do not express the opinions of the Norwegian courts, individual courts or other judges, but only express their own opinions.

You can download photographs of the members by clicking on the thumbnail portraits below.

Members of the Judges’ Media Group:

Kirsten Bleskestad, judge at Asker og Bærum district court, e-mail Phone: + 47 67576544, 90116588

Geir Engebretsen,  Chief judge at Oslo district court, Phone: + 47 22035210,41667233

Kjetil Gjøen, judge at Sunnmøre district court,, Phone: 70117764, 90860068

Jon Kapelrud,  judge at Frostating Court of Appeal, Phone: 73542489, 90168571


Bjørn Lillebergen, judge at Gulating Court of Appeal Phone: 55693947

Rune Lium, district court judge at Sør-Trøndelag district court,, Phone: 73542400, 91858501

Frank Schmidt, judge at Sunnhordland district court
Phone: 53456075, 41274145,

Ina Strømstad, judge at Oslo district court. Phone: 22035377, 90043747.

Siri Vigmostad, Chief judge at Larvik district court Phone: 33205160, 40873234

 Vidar Stensland,  judge at Hålogaland Court of Appeal, (leave from 1.8.13) Phone: 77660049, 93404446

You may also contact The National Courts Administration. Deputy director for communications, Iwar Arnstad, Phone: 73567041, 90032760

Other contacts: Director of Communication at Oslo Courthouse (Oslo district court and Oslo Office of the City Recorder): Irene Ramm, Phone: 22035239, 95005987
Svein Tore Andersen, communications addvisor at The Supreme Court Phone: 22035900, 93007743