Rulings 2015

Translated rulings

Plenary hearing on asylum and residence on humanitarian grounds for Afghan family

Supreme Court judgment of 18 December 2015, HR-2015-2524-P (case no. 2015/203), civil case, appeal against judgment  The state repr. by Immigration Appeals Board (Attorney General repr. by Fredrik Sejersted) (Assisting counsel Marius Emberland), (Counsel Marius Stub) v. A, B, C, D (Counsel Christian Hauge), Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (intervener) (Counsel Jan Fougner), Save the...

Deprivation of parental responsibility and adoption

Supreme Court judgment 12 October 2015, HR-2015-02041-A, (case no. 2015/824), civil case, appeal against judgment Municipality of X (Counsel Hans-Jørgen Andersen) v. A (Counsel John Christian Elden)

Petition for extradition to Rwanda

Supreme Court order of 6 February 2015, HR-2015-289-A (case no. 2014/1787), criminal case, appeal against order A (Counsel John Christian Elden) v. The public prosecution authority (Den offentlige påtalemyndighet (Public prosectutor Carl Fredrik Fari)

Expulsion of a single mother of a minor who is a Norwegian citizen

Supreme Court judgment and order of 29 January 2015, HR-2015-206-A, (case no. 2014/1583), civil case, appeal against judgment A, B, SEIF (intervener) (Counsel Rasmus Asbjørnsen) v. The state repr. by The Immigration Appeals Board (Attorney General repr. by Håvard H. Holdø)

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