Penalty for serious threats

Supreme Court judgment 4 March 2019, HR-2019-440-A, (case no. 18-168736STR-HRET), criminal case, appeal against judgment.

A (Counsel Halvard Helle) v. B, C (Counsel Odd-Rune Torstrup), The Public Prosecution Authority (Counsel Asbjørn Eritsland)

Justices: Indreberg, Noer, Kallerud, Bergh, Lindsetmo

The penalty for violation of sections 264 and 263, cf. section 79 subsection 1 (a), was one year and eight months of imprisonment. The convicted person had repeatedly threatened to kill his daughter and his son, who he found had violated the family's honour, and ordered his son to kill his daughter. The daughter in particular was strongly affected by the threats. The conduct was close to attempted contribution to homicide. Damages for non-economic loss were stipulated to NOK 80 000 for the daughter and NOK 60 000 for the son.

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