Storing a will

The information is not updated according to changes from 2021, this will be adjusted early in january. This page contains more details of storing a will with the District Court (Oslo County Court in Oslo) and the requirements to be fulfilled for a will to be valid.

There are no requirements in Norway on where a will can be kept and therefore the procedure can vary. The usual solution is to keep your will at home, in a bank box, with relations, a lawyer or stored with the District Court. The safest way of keeping your will is to store it with the District Court. It is then protected against being changed, withheld or that it can be overlooked on the day an estate has to be divided. 

Storing with your local District Court

Anyone can store a will with the District Court where you live. The Oslo County Court is where wills are stored in Oslo, and not the District Court. You must present proof of identity when handing a will in to a court. If you store a will on someone else’s behalf, the testator (the person who wrote the will) must have given you signed authorisation or a letter of attorney. The same applies for mutual wills. The same requirements for proof of identity and a letter of attorney also apply when storing a will on someone else's behalf. The court cannot help you with writing a will, or evaluate its contents or validity beyond checking that it is witnessed. Neither can the staff at the court be witnesses.

The list of stored wills is national. When a death is registered, a search will automatically be performed for a registered will based on the national identity number. Only the courts have access to the register.

Please note the following when writing a will

  • Remember your national identity number (11 digits).

  • Follow the stipulations of Sections 48 - 54 of the Inheritance Act, ( If a will is invalid.

  • Remember to nominate the final heir - i.e. the person who will inherit the remainder of the inheritance after any bequests (anyone inheriting a certain object or amount of money) has received their entitlement.

  • Wills must be in writing. Two witnesses must be present with the testator to witness the will by their signatures. Here is an example of such a text: ”We hereby confirm as an independent witness that the above will was signed by XX on this date and in our presence, as his/her last will and testament. We have signed the will at the request of XX in his/her presence and confirm that XX was in full possession of his/her senses.”

  • Witnesses must be over the age of 18.

  • Witnesses cannot be married to or a close family member of any beneficiary.Read more in section 61 of the Inheritance Act (link to


How much does it cost?

Storing a will is subject to a fee of NOK 937. You can pay by card at the court or ask for an invoice. Remember that you must pay a new fee if you want to make any changes to your will, or replace it with a new one.



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