The Supervisory Committee for Judges

In November 2002 the Supervisory Committee for Judges was established. The Committee is a separate, administrative, collegiate body composed of six members: two representatives from the public, two judges, one judge from the Land Consolidation Courts and one lawyer – all appointed by the Government.

Anyone who has been subjected to alleged misconduct of a judge in the performance his or her office, such as parties, witnesses, indicted or barristers may bring a complaint against the judge to the Supervisory Committee. The right to complain is also extended to the court president, the National courts Administration and the Ministry of Justice.

As a main rule the complaint must be forwarded to the Committee within three months from the alleged misconduct took place or was known to the complainant. There is an absolute one-year-limit for bringing in a complaint.

If professional misconduct is revealed, the Committee can react with authoritative criticism in the form of a “criticism” or a warning, where the latter is the strongest reaction. In this way the Committee can contribute to the development of how to define “conduct as befitting a judge”

The decisions of the Supervisory Committee for Judges are made public in an anonymous form.

Misconduct of judges may be:
Misbehaviour in duty
Offence of duties in service
Misconduct when not in duty
Possible reactions:

In 2006 the Supervisory Committee for Judges received 123 complaints. 10 of the complaints led to disciplinary reactions from the Committee.

The average handling time is approximately three months from a complaint is received by the Committee to the Committee has made a decision.

The NCA operates as the Committees’ secretariat.

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