Appraisement over compensation

In connection with a land consolidation case the court can administer appraisement over compensation for expropriation and restrictions on the use of property.

The land consolidation court can, in addition, handle different types of appraisements as separate cases. In most cases the jurisdiction is limited to areas that do not have a development plan, or are regulated as agriculture, natural spaces, and outdoor recreational areas in the municipal master plan.

Appraisement for private roads

Where the parties are given compensation for land through the new road or a share in an existing road.

Appraisement for fences

Where the court has to decide if a joint fence between properties is to be established and the division of costs.

Appraisement according to the Act of Easements

Where a determination of compensation must be made for the elimination of rights that obstruct the use of a property.

Contractual appraisement

Where the parties agree that the land consolidation court will determine compensation in connection with expropriation.

Appraisement according to the Land Act

Appraisement according to the Reindeer Act

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