Explanation of boundaries and rights

Typical problems that are to be found in most cases handled by the court are the problems of hidden or obscure boundaries and unclear legal statuses.

Often the only thing that the owners want is a decision about where the property boundary goes, or what type of land tenure applies in a certain area.

Delimitation of boundaries

This  is a special type of case outlined in the Land Consolidation Act. An owner mayrequest the land consolidation court in a specific case to clarify, mark and describe the boundaries of his property.

Owners may also request the same for roads, paths, moorings, and so on. After a decision is made the boundaries are marked with permanent markers, mapped, and given coordinates so that disputes are avoided in the future. Another type of case is the clarifying and determining of conditions relating to property and rights of use under joint ownership and in other areas that are subject to joint use by estates, when this is necessary for the rational use of the area. For example,this type of case can clarify who ownsthe property in question, or who has hunting or pasturing rights, when we have reason to believe that several interests have property rights in the same area.

In all cases brought in the land consolidation court the first step is to make a decision about which parties have ownership rights and which have other property rights in the actual area. A case over the delimitation of boundaries or the clarifying and determining of conditions relating to property and property rights is closed when the property boundaries and rights of use have in fact been clarified and determined.

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